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20 10, 2017

Kab Ash Fishing Report

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As angler numbers dwindle fishing still remains consistent, grouse hunters finding better success As we pass peak fall colors, cooler temps have water temperatures down in the 50’s. Fishing has been consistent and grouse hunters are finding better success as leaves continue to fall which is providing better hunting conditions. Some local and migrating ducks are flocking up and can be seen going to and from feeding areas around the lake. Bear have been sighted with more frequency, just another sure sign fall is here. Walleye fishing has been consistent throughout Kabetogama. With limited fishing pressure and a wide variety [...]

6 10, 2017

Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 10/2/2017

2019-09-20T17:51:54-05:00Fishing Report|

Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report 10/2/2017 Fall colors peaking as fishing continues to improve, grouse hunters struggling. Angler success has improved over this past week as fish start to school up.  Fall colors are peaking which makes for a great day on the lake.  Loons are starting to flock up and lose their summer colors which is a sure sign they are getting ready to migrate but warm weather is keeping them around longer than normal.  The mild weather has also kept some waterfowl like teal and wood ducks from migrating which is resulting is decent hunting for local birds. Walleye [...]

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