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24 06, 2019

Kab area fishing report June 24, 2019


Kab area fishing report. June 24, 2019 With the summer solstice already here and gone, sadly the days are getting shorter and we have yet to see any real signs of summer. Water temps still hanging in the upper 60’s with a few 70’s found on sunny days. Long range forecast is for warmer temps at the end of this week and into the week of July 4th so there is hope on the horizon. As far as the fish are concerned, they are transitioning to summer like patterns without mother nature’s cooperation. Walleyes are in a full on transition [...]

18 06, 2019

Kab area fishing report- June 18, 2019


Kab area fishing report-June 18, 2019 Spring is still in the air but fish are on the move to more summer like patterns. Big change in walleye behavior. Even though water temps continue to hover in the low to mid 60’s, walleyes have begun showing up on the mid lake reefs in good numbers. On a recent trip we caught fish on every reef we dropped a line. 22’-27’ was the magic depth with Lindy rigs tipped with a leech being the most productive. With that being said, don’t overlook your traditional spring areas as we also found fish relating [...]

10 06, 2019

Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019


Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019 Fishing continues to be good despite the up and down weather patterns. The walleye bite remains virtually unchanged. Water temps are holding in the low to mid 60’s throughout Kab but that could change as we have some cooler weather in store this upcoming week. Jig and minnow are still the presentation of choice. Leeches are catching fish but mostly in the evenings under a slip bobber. The same story…..windy or overcast days, go shallow. Sunny or calm days, slide out to that adjacent deeper water. Smaller walleyes have schooled up and are easier to [...]

5 06, 2019

Fishing Report bug hatch


Quick update. 2 bug hatches and a change in fish behavior. A week ago their was a significant midge hatch and now a a week later there has been a small mayfly hatch. Midges generally won't affect the bite but mayflies can. Considering this isn't a significant mayfly hatch (yet), fish patterns shouldn't be affected too dramatically by this. Still, if you run into a tough bite look for soft bottom areas where mayflies will be emerging as bait fish will also be in this area looking for an easy meal. Predatory fish will close behind. In just over a [...]

1 06, 2019

Memorial Weekend Reports


Here are a few first hand reports from some area guides. Thank you Tim Watson and Trent Snyder for doing the weekly radio show and the Gateway crew for doing an incredible job while we are away attending our son's wedding in the sweltering California heat! 6/1/2019 Travis Carlson It was another good week to be fishing Kabetogama! I spent most my time during the day in deeper water usually around 30-36'. Jigs 3/8 oz size tipped with a minnow produced many "keeper" walleye as well as many nice catch and release fish. We also found fish shallow in about [...]

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