Kabetogama – A Place For All Seasons


It’s a time of rebirth, a time of renewal. Green leaves sprout, pussy willows emerge from their winter jackets along the roadways. All the migratory birds return. Ice out on the lake produces strange vibrating squeaks and groans and at the first hint of open water the gulls return and the diving birds initiate their spring courtship rituals along the shore. The warm sun starts to heat up the ice-cold water and triggers the fish to begin their annual spawn, the walleye along the rocky gravel shores and the northern, bass and crappies in the grassy bays. Fishing opener is just around the corner, it’s treated almost like a national holiday and the fishing is fabulous!


It’s family time –  the temperatures are perfect to spend the long summer days outdoors. There are countless bays and inlets tucked into the shoreline of Lake Kabetogama where you can enjoy your own private beach. Sun yourself or swim as the kids play and explore. Go tubing, fishing, picnic, or join a park naturalist for some bird watching or a special nature program. View the young eaglets as they stretch and flap their wings, strengthening them for a graceful flight. You may want to arrange a scenic boat trip or a shuttle service to a trailhead from one of over 20 resorts. Hike and explore the interior of the park or contact the National Park Service for a tour schedule. Bring the family and listen to a ranger interpretive program, given evenings at Woodenfrog State Campground. Blueberries abound on the rocky shoreline and ridges. The sun doesn’t set until about 10:00 and what sunsets! Imagine yourself enjoying the flaming reds, oranges, pinks and purples as they sink slowly into the calm lake waters accompanied by the lonely call of the loon. When the show is over, stay awake a little bit longer. You may be rewarded with an encore performance of northern lights shimmering in green tinted sheets across a star-lit sky.


Crisp days and cool nights bring about the change of colors on the lake shore and in the woods. There’s still lots of warm sunshine for hiking the trails to take advantage of these spectacular fall colors. Don’t forget to bring your camera. The forest animals are busy preparing for the cold weather. Best of all, the fish are hungry too. It’s a great time to plan a trip to catch a mixed bag of fish and have the last shore lunch of the season. If a fishing and hunting combination works for you, by all means, bring your gun. Although there is no hunting allowed in Voyageur’s National Park, there are hundreds of miles of country, state forests and logging roads that are open to the public for hunting. Grouse and deer are plentiful.


Behold the works of Jack Frost and the quiet beauty the snow cover brings. Hundreds of miles of groomed, marked trails through pine filled north woods forests and ice and snow covered lakes await you for a snowmobiling experience unequaled anywhere. Keep an eye out for the timber wolf tracks in the snow and listen for his spine-tingling howl. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice and spear fishing can all be enjoyed in magical winter solitude. We’ll greet you at one of our fine lodges with a cup of hot coffee, good food and friendly conversation. We’ll stoke the fire while you and your family and friends go out to play and explore this winter wonderland. At the end of the day, as you snuggle into a nice cozy, warm bed, reflect on your travels over snow covered trails and you’ll realize that you have just been in “God’s Country”.