Voyageur National Park

Voyageur National ParkOn January 8, 1971 President Richard M. Nixon created Voyageurs, the 26th National Park, with these words, “The uniquely scenic and historic Voyageurs National Park, stands as a monument forever to the dedicated citizens and conservation organizations whose vision, ingenuity and courage match the splendor of this superlative wilderness area. Rich in history of the early, exciting exploration of our great country, Voyageurs will serve as a living legacy linking generation to generation and century to century.” 
On April 8, 1975 Voyageurs National Park was established “to preserve for the inspiration and enjoyment of future generations, the outstanding scenery, geological conditions, and waterway system which constituted part of the historic route of the Voyageurs who contributed significantly to the opening of the Northwestern United States.” Outstanding scenery, unique geological conditions, and an historic waterway system, all good reasons for creating a National Park in Minnesota.

Located on Minnesota’s border with Canada, Voyageurs’ 218,000 acres include four major lakes-Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan and Sand Point and thirty smaller inland lakes that together make up more than a third of the total park area. The smaller inland lakes are scattered throughout the park, but primarily on the Kabetogama Peninsula. The peninsula is Voyageurs’ largest landmass and can be reached by water in summer or over the ice in winter.


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