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22 05, 2020

Kick off to Summer!!!

2020-05-27T09:42:24-05:00Fishing Report|

KICK OFF TO SUMMER!!! As anticipated, water temperatures have risen substantially over the past few days. Dock fishing has improved with evenings being best well past dark. We are now sitting in the mid 50's and that has changed the bite for the better. Even though walleyes are scattered, if you do some running to your favorite spots you will eventually find active fish. Crappies are becoming more active as well. Trent Snyder's report from Snyder's Guide Service sums it up pretty well. "Fishing has Been pretty steady. I'm finding them in the 24-32' range and some in the shallows as [...]

20 05, 2020

Pre Memorial Fishing Report…more to come before the weekend

2020-05-27T09:40:49-05:00Fishing Report|

Pre Memorial fishing report....more to come before the weekend Quick update on the fishing report with more to come just before the weekend so you can be prepared with the right gear and bait and presentation that's working best. The bite has noticeably slowed since the passing of the recent weather front 3-4 days ago. Anglers are finding fish deeper right now in 25-35 ft of water. A slow presentation is working best with anglers reporting that holding their bait a few inches off the bottom with a less aggressive approach is working best. Try to stay as vertical as [...]

3 03, 2020

Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report.  3/3/2020

2020-03-03T19:46:17-06:00Fishing Report|

Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report.  3/3/2020 Walleye season ends quietly as most anglers turn their attention to perch and crappie.  While the walleye and pike season has ended here on Kab, crappies are beginning to show up near traditional staging areas.  Anglers are reporting catching a few here and there but moving around right now is necessary to stay on the bite. Deeper water is best with small jigs tipped with a small crappie minnow.  Fish are being found throughout the water column so adjust your presentation as needed. Using your sonar is key to finding suspended fish.  Snowmobile [...]

10 02, 2020

Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report.  2/10/20

2020-03-03T19:48:23-06:00Fishing Report|

Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report.  2/10/20 Fishing inconsistent, snowmobile, ski and snowshoe trails all in excellent shape! As we close in on Valentine’s Day and Presidents weekend the Northland is excellent shape if you are looking for a variety of activities.  Fishing has been inconsistent at best with similar results throughout the area.  Recently, downsizing your lure and bait has been working well with the recent cold front.  Keeping your presentation within 2 inches off the bottom has been productive. It’s a trial and error method right now.  If you are marking fish but they aren’t [...]

21 01, 2020

Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report. 1/21/20

2020-01-21T20:08:18-06:00Fishing Report|

Kabetogama area fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail report. 1/21/20 A week later and almost two feet of snow has left the snowmobile, snowshoe and cross-country ski trails in premier condition. Unfortunately, off the trails, Kab is experiencing significant slush and deep snow with 4-5 ft drifts scattered throughout. This has made fishing tough for most, if not all, that don’t have machines that can handle the extreme conditions. Fishing has been consistent for those that make it to their destination as the bite seems to be picking up some. As anglers are noticing that fish being caught are filled [...]

31 12, 2018

Kabetogama Fishing Report 12/31/19

2020-01-13T15:53:15-06:00Fishing Report|

Kabetogama area fishing report, snowmobile trail and ice conditions.  12/31/2019 Snow and more snow!  Fishing inconsistent as ice conditions deteriorate and snowmobiling coming on strong. As we move into the new year, the northland is looking a lot more like winter.  Over the last week we have had two snowfallevents and now have a good 20 inches or more on the groundproducing slushy conditions making travel difficult on the lake.  Snowmobilers are a more common sight, but some caution needs to be taken when hitting the trails.  As of today, the only open, groomed trail is the Green Trail from [...]

15 12, 2018

Kabetogama Area Fishing & Outdoors Report/Ice Update

2020-01-13T15:52:53-06:00Fishing Report, Uncategorized|

Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report/ice update December 14th, 2019 Poor ice conditions remain throughout the area.  Fishing has been up and down with the recent weather fronts with most anglers reporting similar success regardless of your destination on Kab. Not much has changed in the last few weeks.  With ice conditions continuing to be slushy, fishing and snowmobiling activities remain limited to snow packed areas.  Some trails are being groomed within Voyageurs National Park, but vehicle traffic is totally non-existent as the government shutdown is keeping park personnel from plowing the ice road and limiting the extent of trail [...]

12 12, 2018

December 11 KAB Fishing Report

2019-09-20T17:33:17-05:00Fishing Report|

DECEMBER 11, 2018 KAB FISHING REPORT Let the fun begin! As we now have a solid 6-10 inches of ice throughout most of Kabetogama, more anglers are venturing out to their favorite fishing hole and finding success. The cold weather and lack of snow has helped make some good ice this past week. Working soft bottom areas during the day and then fishing edges of reefs early morning and just before dark has been productive. Changing up your presentation as needed is key to being successful. On a recent two day stretch, one day jigging aggressively was the ticket and [...]

9 10, 2018

Fishing And Hunting Report 10/7/18

2019-09-20T17:33:26-05:00Fishing Report|

Fishing and Hunting Report 10/7/2018 Fall hits the north land with unseasonably cold, wet weather. We are well ahead of schedule as it seems like we can’t break free of this late feeling fall weather. Most loons have lost their color as they congregate in large groups preparing for their trip to the gulf. This generally happens later in October, but it is obvious we have seen many begin their trip already. Fall foliage colors have peaked and most trees are losing their leaves quickly which has improved grouse hunting now that visibility is better. Deer are more active as [...]

8 08, 2018


2019-09-20T17:33:35-05:00Fishing Report|

FISHING REPORT 8/6/2018 This can be a frustrating time of year on the walleye front, butfishing remains consistent on mid lake reefs and island points in the 22’-32’ range.  Leeches and crawlers are the preferred bait on slip sinker rigs or a spinner behind a bottom bouncer but there is still has been a jig and minnow bite so you might want to have all options at your disposal.  When the wind blows, as always, the rule of thumb is to fish the windblown weed lines.  Not much new there as that has been a common theme throughout the fishing [...]

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