Early winter weather keeps anglers off the water. Deer hunters struggle.


Early snow here for good? With temps bottoming out at 2 degrees this morning, mother nature might be giving us hint!


Snow and wind over the weekend not only kept anglers off the water but also kept deer movement at a minimum. With more lakes becoming inaccessible due to ice and cold weather, angler activity is non-existent.


Deer hunters woke up to a windy, snowy morning which made hunting difficult for most of opening day. Deer harvest was about average though with the rut in full swing which kept at least some deer moving throughout the weekend.


Shallow bays and harbors are covered with skim ice and the only boats on the water recently are whitefish netters. Water temps have hit the right mark and success is improving.


Most waterfowl hunters have put their gear away but hunting remains consistent with lakes to the north freezing over. A steady stream of northern birds are making their way south making for decent late season hunting. Bluebills, goldeneyes, buffleheads and mallards are keeping the remaining waterfowlers busy.


Our annual hunter’s supper was a great success this past Saturday. Even though the weather kept attendance down, banter and good food was had with all having a great time! A big thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to make it all happen.


As much as some want to resist, winter activities look to be right around the corner! We will keep you updated as it is shaping up to be a great winter season.


As always, we hope to see you soon…..

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