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In Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, Kabetogama is a wild, untapped treasure. Anglers who long for wide open spaces and good fishing will revel in the cool, clean waters and solitude of Kabetogama. Walleye, Northern Pike, bass and crappies . . .whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got. Spring fishing always creates excitement as fish travel from spawning beds to shallow reefs and the unending shorelines of Lake Kabetogama. As the water warms by mid-June, schooling walleyes travel to deeper waters and challenge anglers to follow their feeding habits.

As you explore the hundreds of warm water bays and inlets you’ll run across the scrappy Sauger, smallmouth bass and jumbo perch for which these waters are well known. Northern Pike provide an overlooked challenge and during mid-summer you’ll find many die-hard anglers throwing everything in the tackle box to entice those lunkers to snap and run with their most treasured lure. The big ones seem to have learned a special trick of throwing that lure back at you or just simply run under the boat and snap your most trusted “new age” fishing line. Losing that lure is just part of this game! In any case its excitement whether you land the big one or not.

Crappies school up in later season and can be found against rock walls or suspended over weed lines. If one strikes and turns sideways you’ll swear it’s a ten-pounder! Giant slab crappies are a fighting fish.

Fall fishing can be a real treat for those who make one last trip for the year. September and October slide in with breath-taking fall color and a special awakening of fall watchable wildlife. The woods come alive with color and movement. It’s a special time of the year to reflect on past fishing trips and the enjoyment it has brought to family and friends. Some only keep enough for a special shorelunch to savor the fresh taste of fish cooked on an open campfire.

Map of Lake Kabetogama.

Kabetogama will provide all the ingredients for a great fishing trip, so come when you can and enjoy a variety of fish any time of year.

Whether you’re an angler looking for walleyes, someone in need of relaxation or an outdoor enthusiast, resorts along the Kabetogama shoreline can provide you with boats and motors, safe docking for your own boat and provide a choice of services.

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