Fishing report 5/17/19

A week in the books and a change in fish patterns.

With a great start to the season and the spawn basically over, fish will start to migrate from spawning areas. With water temps hovering around 50 or above (even warmer in shallow bays) its time to start thinking post spawn.

Where do fish go? Some believe there is a post spawn funk but most likely it’s just time to start looking in different places. Adjacent transition areas is the first place to start. If the wind is blowing, stay shallow focusing on wind blown shorelines, points and bays. Otherwise, start looking for that first transition area a little deeper as walleyes will begin to move. They won’t go far though. Keep it simple dragging jigs, Lindy rigs and even spinners until active schools are found then stick with them. Bait may not be as important now. Shiners, rainbows, chubs…..pick one and if you are on the bite it won’t matter. A few decent reports using leeches are becoming more common as the water warms up. Early in the morning and just before dusk you still can’t go wrong with a shiner under a bobber on most docks and in areas shiners typically run.

I suspect productive areas will begin changing as walleye patterns will as well. If you have been catching fish in a certain area and it seems to have slowed down, move out a bit and you will find them again just as hungry! It’s not uncommon to find that fish have moved into much deeper water.

Good luck this weekend and stay safe!


Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019

Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019 Fishing continues to be good despite the up and down weather patterns. The walleye bite remains virtually unchanged. Water temps