Fishing Report and Ice out 4/6/18

Fishing report and ice out 4/6/2018

So the wait is on. Not much to report on the fishing front. I have seen a smattering of ice shacks around the lake looking for crappie and perch but it has been pretty quiet. They are hitting the Rainy River but even the fishing there has been tough with cold temps making boat ramps icy, freezing back up and boats not running properly. The season on the border closes on April 14th. I am hoping to get out on the ice in the next few days and see if the perch have turned on. Will update.

Speaking of ice……we still have a lot of it but fortunately not the 50 plus inches like Lake of the Woods! The weather is not cooperating with temps well below freezing day and night. The deer are still using their lake routes to get from one feeding area to another so basically they aren’t worried yet! I guess on a positive note most of the snow the last 3 weeks has missed us to the south. That will help once the weather turns. Next week it looks to be warming up into the 40’s so hopefully that is the beginning of the big thaw. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hopefully everyone had a great winter and is ready to turn the corner into Spring.

Fishing report 5/17/19

A week in the books and a change in fish patterns. With a great start to the season and the spawn basically over, fish will

Ice Out Update

Ice Out Update Finally things are looking good! So first all the good news. We have bright sun and temps in the 50’s and even