Kabetogama-Namakan  Fishing Report

Kabetogama-Namakan Fishing Report 5-10-15

Opener 2015 has now passed as we get into the season of summer enjoyment.

Anglers for the most part probably happy to see the weekend pass as mother nature tests our fortitude.

Cool weather, wind and low water levels hampered many spirits, but opener is opener. Boaters and shore anglers alike had some success. Briefly, shore line anglers caught larger walleyes and lots of Northerns, that scenario held true for boaters who chose to fish at shallow depths.

Anglers that moved deeper water, 25-35’ deep found sauger, smaller walleye and pre-spawn perch to be the norm.

Jig and minnow dominated the preferred fishing method, with shoreline and dock anglers using slip bobbers and minnows.

The cold front perhaps sent baitfish deeper cancelling out the normal shallow water opener action.

This week looks to be a mixed bag for weather. I suspect fishing to be the same. Good possibilities for rain the first part of the week which will help our water levels.

Best advice this week, anglers from shoreline and docks use slip bobbers and your choice of minnows, smaller fish including sauger should move in.

Boaters try to 25-35’ range with jig and minnow go more shallow as the water warms and the temperatures stand-by.

Good Luck,

Crabby Phil & Ellen

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