Getting Ready for a Vacation? Give Kabetogma Lake a Try!

If your thinking about a vacation this summer give Kabetogama Lake a try.  You may experience why many vacationers  have made Kabetogama Lake their yearly vacation spot.

Kabetogama Lake has many resorts with cabins rentals, lodge room rentals, villa rentals, and RV hookups.

The area resorts offer lodging for short term stays (1 night) to long term vacations (1+ months).

Located in Minnesota in the heart of Voyageurs National Park!   Kabetogama Lake is the only lake completely in the park.

Don’t hesitate call 1-844-525-3522 for your brochure of all the resorts to choose your perfect vacation

If your ideal vacation is roughing it in a tent in the great outdoors,  don’ t forget to make a reservation.  You can do this online at   or call 1-877-444-6777.

A vacation on Kabetogama Lake is suitable for all vacationers; from families, fishing groups, birders, outdoor adventurers, canoe and kayakers, boat enthusiasts, etc.

Entering into Kabetogama you will be greeted by our famous saddled walleye that will entice both riders young and old.

If this walleye could talk, oh the stories he would tell of the humans that climbed on…

We’re all so happy he is a member of the catch and release program!

Climb on the saddle and see if you can tame the wild walleye.

Start a family tradition of pictures with the walleye and watch your family grow over generations of vacations.


Look at this family… he caught hook, line, and sinker!

A houseboat travels thru the Kempton Channel in Voyaguers National Park.

Kabetogama Lake

Woodenfrog recreation area Lake Kabetogama.

Your vacation awaits you!

Also don’t worry if you can’t pronounce Kabetogama (Ka-buh-toe-ga-muh) right just call it Kab (cab) and you will sound like a local!