Ice Out Update

Ice Out Update

Finally things are looking good!

6 year old Kali waiting for the bite to turn on

So first all the good news. We have bright sun and temps in the 50’s and even low 60’s for the next seven days. Possibility of rain end of next week. Lows will soon stay above freezing overnight which is crucial to ice melting. The first Canada Geese have shown up (only a month behind!) and I even saw a flock of Snow Geese sitting on the lake. The deer are sticking closer to shore and the shorelines are quite slushy. Rumor has it the crappies are biting in deeper holes adjacent to spawning areas. More bald eagles are showing up and raccoons are a common sight on the dock cam at night. Wildlife are good indicators of weather and season change. Even Crabby Phil is optimistic that we are going to be ice free within a day or two on either side of opener.

The only bad news is we have a lot of ice to melt. 36 inches in the bays and 24-30 in most areas of the main lake.   It’s going to be close but we do have over 3 weeks of melting so let’s cross our fingers crossed!

Counting down the days!

Please remember to use EXTREME caution if venturing out on the ice this time of year.  While we are seeing areas with up to 3′ of ice, it can vary drastically just feet apart.  The ice is extremely unpredictable this time of year and all it takes is the right weather conditions for the ice to deteriorate rapidly.  If you are uncertain at all, please STAY OFF!

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