Kab area fishing and outdoors report. July 15, 2019

Summer heat! The sun is out and water is warm! Blueberries and raspberries are starting to ripen. If you go searching, try the lake islands first as they will be first to come in. We have gone through our first major Mayfly hatch here on Kab so fishing should take a turn for the better. The next challenge is the abundance of forage we now have to compete with as this year’s minnows are out there in force. Water temps have risen into the high 70’s which will send fish looking for deeper water on calm sunny days. We have some great guide reports below so check out what they have to say as they are on the water every day finding fish. One last note, Tuesday we will be getting in live neon crawlers which can be deadly this time of year! Give em’ a try!



Guide Reports:

Travis Carlson:

I spent most of the week in 8-14′ of water. Live bait rigs and leeches worked well but some days I did better pulling spinners with a half crawler. Days with wind or during low light times this should continue to be productive. On sunny calm days we looked deeper in say 20-30′ of water. Rigs and leeches took the majority of these deeper fish. I use a lot of slip sinker rigs this time of year and prefer the “Wing-it” brand system. If you’ve never used it stop in at Gateway and ask for the sinkers Travis uses. Not only can you change weights fast going from deep water to shallow but they also seem to snag less and if they do easier to get free. See you on the water Travis Carlson

Dominic Ruis:

This week has once again found fishing to be best on wind blown shorelines or mud bottom weed lines pulling bottom bouncers with spinner and crawlers. Best colors have been pink, white, orange or chartreuse or any combinations of these. Bright days orange and chartreuse better and cloudy has found whites and pinks better. I have been finding fish on the reefs on Kabetogama still but the bite is very hit or miss here during the day. I have now started finding more fish again shallow Namakan weed lines as well.
Fun fishing
Dominic Ruis

Wade Watson “KAB KID”:

Summer weather…warm and windy. Water temps are warming and the fish are scattered at a variety of depths. Remember it’s always wonderful to be on the water…fishing has been streaky at best lately. Like I said last week, lots of food in the system now. I had the pleasure of fishing with my boys for a few days, so no pressure and fishing odd hours, maybe like our vacationing guests. So for me, I tend to always start shallow and move deeper. Tip: leeches and crawlers this week trolled at a variety of speeds, or shallow diving Rapalas trolled along reefs or weed edges.
Walleyes: Spinners were our best! We pulled spinners on 3-4 feet of leader and trolled them along windblown islands at 0.7-1.2 mph. Leaches and crawlers, and try using orange color blades. Mornings and evenings produces consistent fish, but they were holding tight on points in 8-12 feet for us. I did find a few fish in 20-24 feet using a jig and minnow. I tried jigging raps and blade baits with little to no luck. My focus this week will be trolling shallowing diving Rapala’s if we have no wind…lindy’s with spinners if we have some clouds and wind. Try various depths…the walleyes are there it’s a matter of finding a bait to get them interested. You are competing with a ton of natural food this time of year!
Northern Pike: hot, active action this week for us casting. We used large soft plastics and spinnerbaits to catch a good number of pike! Remember, 2 pike limit and a pike from 30-40” need to go back. We found smaller fish in the weed lines and shallow bays. I suggest focusing on rock piles and rocky shorelines vs. the weeds this week.
Bass: We tried some top water but didn’t have as much success as I thought we would. Maybe this week, topwater early mornings should work. I was casting pumpkin colored tube baits, and my boys were using ¼ oz. jig heads with chartreuse plastics. A few fish hit the baits in 6-10 feet. But most came fairly close to rocks we could see. I think they out fished me…
Looking for a destination or area to go: We went into Gold Portage, but the bugs bit better than the fish. If you’ve never been up there you should visit it. I tend to find pike about the first turn or current, many anchor at the corner and find smallmouth and walleye using jigs in the rocks. Landing fish in this current is a blast and challenged even the most skills. Be ready to lose a few jigs in these rocks. Use caution as the current is moving fairly well, but the dock is secure this year and the path was easy and clear to go look at the rapids, go take look if you’re visiting this week, but bring bug spray.
Hope to see you on the water!
Wade Watson “Kab Kid”