Kab area fishing report June 24, 2019

Kab area fishing report. June 24, 2019

With the summer solstice already here and gone, sadly the days are getting shorter and we have yet to see any real signs of summer. Water temps still hanging in the upper 60’s with a few 70’s found on sunny days. Long range forecast is for warmer temps at the end of this week and into the week of July 4th so there is hope on the horizon. As far as the fish are concerned, they are transitioning to summer like patterns without mother nature’s cooperation.

Walleyes are in a full on transition right now scattered throughout Kab. You can catch them just about anywhere and any way. There is a good shallow weed line bite when we have clouds and wind and in the evenings and if that isn’t working, try deeper shoreline areas and reefs in the 20’-28’ range. A jig and minnow, live bait rigs with leeches and crawlers and even casting cranks along weed lines are all producing fish right now. Some days are good and some very good. It’s the nature of the beast right now as they are slowly but surely getting ready to set up shop in their traditional summer haunts. We have found fish on almost every reef we could find but only a small percentage of fish were in the mood to cooperate. In other words, moving around to find active fish is the key. If you are on them and they don’t like what you have to offer, switch to another approach but don’t spend too much time on any particular school. Keep moving and eventually you will find hungry eyes. The evening bite has been fantastic using slip bobbers with a minnow or leech. We have yet to see a significant mayfly hatch but it’s just a matter of time.

Small mouth bass and northern pike are still there for the taking along most shorelines and weed beds. When the walleyes aren’t biting it’s a good back up plan. Casting larger baits for northern pike and smaller Mepps spinners has been working well.

See below for a few area guide reports.

Campers are becoming a more common sight on the lake as well as kayaks and canoes. Make sure to check well ahead of time to reserve your camping spot as they are reservation only. The nights have been perfectly cool for a campfire and the rain today should help from having burning bans put into effect. We have been very dry lately with most of the moisture missing us to the South and East. Bring your bug spray as we do have mosquitos now. Off the lake, the horseflies are there in abundance. If you are a walker or runner try finding one of those fancy head nets with that sticky stuff on it. I guess it’s the new trend to keep horseflies at bay!

The National Park Service is in full swing now. Check in with any of the visitor centers to schedule a trip. There too many options to mention and you can’t go wrong with any of them. They do a great job to make your adventure a memorable one.

We have an exciting date coming up. The Kab walleye has a birthday to celebrate! It will be its 70th anniversary on August 14th! If you have any pictures to share, please email them to Gateway or post on the Kabetogama’s Lake Association Facebook page as we would love to start sharing all the great memories that it made! Keep checking back for more information on specials we will be running including some great t-shirts and drinkware celebrating the day that we will carry at Gateway General.

We also have a garage sale coming up but haven’t picked a firm date. Shooting for the weekend of July 6th. Keep checking back on Gateways Facebook page and website. Don’t forget we have daily food specials and keep adding new ice cream flavors every week. We also have canoes and kayaks but make your reservation early as we are taking calls daily.

As it looks like we are finally taking the turn into summer, remember to be safe and have a great time. There is so much to explore in Voyageurs National Park, the ONLY National Park in Minnesota!

As always, we’ll see you soon!



Fishing has been good for me this week on Kabetogama and some days exceptionally good. On windy days fishing 6-15′ along weed edges were very productive. We also had some exceptional fishing on mid lake structure in 22-28′ using live bait rigs and leeches. Travis Carlson

Fishing remains steady as the Walleye are in transition. We are finding them from 8-15 early morning and 20-28ft mid-day. Late afternoon to dark has been very steady. Find sharp drops and you will find fish, fish the wind and keep your bait on the bottom, you should have success. Smallmouth bass is coming on strong as well, any shoreline will normally give up a few.

Fishing Report 6/17/2018

FISHING REPORT 6/17/2018 Rain finally subsides and after leaving a weather filled week we are looking ahead to great one! Walleye fishing continues to be