Kab fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail update. 12/24/2019.

Kab fishing, ice conditions and snowmobile trail update. 12/24/2019.

Kab continues to make good ice.  There is a good 10-16 inches in most areas, but some anglers have reported less than 7 inches when venturing further North and East past Martin Island and then towards Lost Bay.  Continue to check ice conditions while moving around.

Walleye fishing has been fair to good in recent days.  A good mix of all sizes are being caught throughout Kab.  Focusing on rock/mud transition areas has been key then staying on the soft bottom edge in 25 to 35 feet of water with deeper being the better bite as of late.  Some nice bonus perch are mixed in as well so having a few wax worms along is a good idea.  A good approach is to have a lively minnow under a bobber on one line and jigging with your favorite lure on the other.  I typically like to use a half minnow to start with when jigging then adjusting from there.  See what’s working best as every day is a different bite!

Spearing has been consistently good since the beginning of the season.

Snowmobilers are out and about with some trails stakedon the lake.  The park service is doing their best to groom trails almost daily with what little snow we have.  Most of Kab has 3-4 inches of the white stuff with some bare spots scattered throughout.  A little holiday snow would be a great gift from Mother Nature!  

Before heading out on the lake in the morning stop into Gateway and grab some fresh pastries and hot coffee.  We bake fresh every morning!  Taking a lunch break?  We have lots of warm food and just added walleye fingers to the menu!  Gateway also has all the bait and tackle you need from chubs, shiners, rainbows and small to medium sucker minnows.  We also carry large decoy suckers for those of you heading out to your spear house.  

If you are looking for that last minute holiday gift, Gateway also has a variety of clothing as well as numerous other great gift items including Yeti products and St Croix rods just to name a few.  

Merry Christmas from all of us at Gateway and a very special Merry Christmas to all the servicemen and women who can’t be home for the holidays.  You are missed and very much appreciated!!!