Kabetogama Fishing Report 5-10-18

Kabetogama Fishing Report 5-10-18


Hi folks – here’s the latest update on the Kab Ice conditions.

There is none! When I left 2 weeks ago to visit my son coming off deployment, i would have never thought we would be ice free and ready to go this weekend. Mother nature has her ways of rewarding us and she did just that. All types of waterfowl, including hundreds of loons are around in full force so while on the water this weekend you will have more than just the fish to enjoy.


Opener weekend highs should be in mid 60’s daytime and overnight 40’s, so this should be pleasant.

The fishing report each week will have a different feel to it as we will have Crabby Phil’s tip of the week including reports from area guides. This should give all of you an excellent idea of how to prepare the before you hit your favorite lake!

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Get your ball head jigs out, sharpen the hooks and get the eyes opened and paint free. Use the lightest jig you can fish comfortably with, depending on wind and your equipment try to keep in the 1/4 and 3/8 size.


Fish tend to be spoiled a little early on as ice out usually accompanies walleye spawning.


Northern pike will be done spawning and may be quite active and might be a nuisance for walleye anglers.


Get your boat and tackle ready, the show opens in just a couple days!

We will follow with an update after the weekend.

Good luck everyone and stay safe.