Kabetogama Area Fishing & Outdoors Report/Ice Update

Kabetogama area fishing and outdoors report/ice update December 14th, 2019 Poor ice conditions remain throughout the area.  Fishing has been up and down with the recent weather fronts with most anglers reporting similar success regardless of your destination on Kab. Not much has changed in the last few weeks.  With ice conditions continuing to be [...]

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December 11 KAB Fishing Report

DECEMBER 11, 2018 KAB FISHING REPORT Let the fun begin! As we now have a solid 6-10 inches of ice throughout most of Kabetogama, more anglers are venturing out to their favorite fishing hole and finding success. The cold weather and lack of snow has helped make some good ice this past week. Working soft [...]

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Fishing And Hunting Report 10/7/18

Fishing and Hunting Report 10/7/2018 Fall hits the north land with unseasonably cold, wet weather. We are well ahead of schedule as it seems like we can’t break free of this late feeling fall weather. Most loons have lost their color as they congregate in large groups preparing for their trip to the gulf. This [...]

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FISHING REPORT 8/6/2018 This can be a frustrating time of year on the walleye front, butfishing remains consistent on mid lake reefs and island points in the 22’-32’ range.  Leeches and crawlers are the preferred bait on slip sinker rigs or a spinner behind a bottom bouncer but there is still has been a jig [...]

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Fishing Report 7/22/2018

Fishing takes a backseat as we head into the dog days of summer.  Fish are there but most are focusing their attention on more summerlike activities.   The berry season is in full swing and with a bumper blueberry crop on hand you don’t have to go far to find a sea of blue on [...]

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Turning The Corner Lake Report 7/8/16

TURNING THE CORNER   LAKE REPORT 7/8/2018 As we head into mid-July we may be finally seeing a slow transition to more summer like fishing.  Even though the mayfly hatch increased in intensity it didn’t seem to affect the bite.  Some are starting to find some success on the mid lake reefs, but they still [...]

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Fishing Report 6/24/2018

Fishing Report  6/24/2018 Significant weather change and first mayfly hatch of the year Last week we saw hot, humid and windless days affecting the bite.  You needed to be on the water as the sun came up and the last hour before dark.  This made fishing tough as you also needed to know where to [...]

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Fishing Report 6/17/2018

FISHING REPORT 6/17/2018 Rain finally subsides and after leaving a weather filled week we are looking ahead to great one! Walleye fishing continues to be good, but we are seeing some changes as we have moved into a more summer like pattern with fish more frequently being found on reefs.  That being said, jigs and [...]

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Fishing Report 6/10/18

Fishing Report 6/10/18 Fishing continues to be good as water levels rise and temps remain consistent Normally this time of year most anglers are putting away their jigs and replacing them with lindys using mostly leeches and not too far behind, crawlers.  This year is different.  A jig and minnow combination is still a deadly [...]

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Skipping Spring

SKIPPING SPRING 5/20/2018 Fishing is still fantastic as we have seemed to skip spring and jumped into summer! Just a few weeks ago we were all skeptical that the ice would be gone. Now just one week into the fishing season, open water is a reality and the fishing has been great. More pelicans have [...]

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