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Minnesota Fishing: Lake Kabetogama Fish Types

Fishing – 

It is probably at the top of your Northern Minnesota vacation list. 

And, if it is, choosing a stay at Kabetogama Lake allows you to put fishing at the top of your vacation priorities. (great choice!)


But just what fish types can you find in Kabetogama?

As one of the 10 largest lakes in Minnesota, Kabetogama Lake is part of the statewide Large Lake Program. This intensive fisheries management program includes annual fish population assessments, annual water quality monitoring, and regularly scheduled creel surveys. 


Follow along with this program and you’ll be happy to learn that Kabetogama is home to dozens of fish species including a range of well-loved and sought after varieties including walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, northern pike & crappies. 


Walleye, an angler favorite on the lake, are a fantastic catch for the photo and the plate. While you can find walleye throughout the year, once the temperatures warm up beginning in June, walleye will begin heading toward deeper, cooler waters. Some may enjoy the challenge of enticing those bigger fish from the dark depths of Kab!


Sauger, sometimes misidentified with walleye, are another great catch on the lake. While smaller on average than walleye, these fish tend to tolerate warmer temperatures and can be found in shallower spots than walleye in the peak of summer. Even so, they are a fun challenge to reel in and taste great, too!


When it comes to smallmouth bass, Kabetogama is a beautiful place to cast your line! Care and oversight have helped to grow the smallmouth bass population in recent years on Kabetogama and the lake has become better known for its bass fishing along with northern pike, yellow perch and crappies!


In fact, you may be surprised by just what fish you can find in this beautiful Northern Minnesota landscape.

Now that you know which Kabetogama fish types are out there in the pristine waters of the big lake, you can decide when you are coming and how you will chase the ultimate catch. 


Whether you’re casting from shore or the pier, heading out by boat or enlisting the help of a guide, Kabetogama is a must-stop for Minnesota fishing

Kab update. May 21, 2019.

Kab update. May 21, 2019. Not much has changed in recent days so will keep it simple. Even though the water temps did drop a

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