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Find The Top Minnesota Ice Fishing on Lake Kabetogama

Minnesota Ice Fishing

It’s no secret that one of the best things to do in Minnesota when the snow flurries begin to fall and the temperatures dip below freezing is Minnesota ice fishing. Each winter, Minnesota morphs into snow-covered landscapes and glass-top lakes with ice thick enough to drive on. This is the season that many anglers cannot wait to head to Lake Kabetogama as the ice welcomes in a few different ways to catch trophy fish and have a unique adventure in true Minnesota fashion. 

Minnesota Ice FishingWhat Kind of Ice Fishing is Available on Kabetogama?

Though some may believe that ice fishing is simply drilling a hole in the ice and dropping a line in, there are several different ways to ice fish depending on where you are. On Lake Kabetogama, the classic drilling with an auger and jigging to your heart’s content is definitely an option. Though, many anglers enjoy this popular winter activity in a few different manners. Open ice fishing on the lake, popping up a portable ice shack, camping out in an ice castle, and dark house spear fishing are all experiences that have several unique features between them. 

Open ice fishing is the simplest route. Find a place to stay on shore, and take your gear out onto the ice each morning. Though this can be a fun way to experience ice fishing in Minnesota, many can attest to the fact the weather isn’t always the most cooperative for this method. It’s great on sunny days that are a bit warmer and the winds are mild, but conditions can tend to be a bit more harsh throughout the season.

If you enjoy jigging and setting tip-ups but prefer to stay out of the weather and are considering overnight fishing on the ice, fishing shacks or ice castles are the way to go! Get cozy with everything you need to feel at home – if home had holes in the floor – and fish all day and night in the comfort of a warm, enclosed space. Some of them even have tvs, cooktops, refrigerators, bathrooms, and more. 

Minnesota Ice FishingDark house spear fishing is a unique experience that leaves the typical lines and rods behind and requires a completely different skill set. Rather than drilling a single hole, anglers cut a large rectangle out of the ice and keep the enclosure that they are in dark so that you can see the fish swim underneath you. Most will drop some kind of decoy or lure down to get the fish’s attention and strike their spear with precision to bring in their catch. This is especially popular for catching northern pike! 

The BEST Fishing Resorts and Ice Fishing Spots

Minnesota Ice FishingOnce you decide which style of Minnesota ice fishing suits you best, the next step is finding the perfect fishing resorts to get the best ice fishing spots and your ideal level of comfort. For open water fishing, you can stay just about anywhere and just head out on the lake at your leisure. You can find all of the options on the Lake Kabetogama website, but we have a few suggestions based on what kind of fishing you are looking to do.

For fish house rentals, Voyageur Park Lodge offers some fantastic options. All of the ice fishing houses are strategically placed on secluded areas of the lake where fish are biting and elbows won’t rub. You get the full Minnesota ice fishing experience while still getting the perks of a resort stay. 

Now for spear fishing, Sandy Point Resort and Lodge is the place to be. Head out onto Tom Cod Bay in one of Sandy Point’s dark houses and spear some trophy northern pike. They have single and double spear house rentals, as well as ice fishing houses to take a “stab” at nabbing fish all day long.

Find Everything You Need 

Ice fishing in Minnesota is an incredible winter experience that so many anglers cannot wait to enjoy each and every year. Whether you are a seasoned ice angler or just starting out, you can find everything you need for your Minnesota ice fishing trip at Gateway General Store. Road snacks, fishing gear, firewood, gas, groceries, and more are all in one place. 
Lake Kabetogama is the perfect place to get your Minnesota ice fishing fix. Grab your layers and head to one of the best ice fishing lakes in the state. Check in on ice conditions and be sure to check the DNR fishing regulations for a safe and successful trip that you will never forget. The fish are biting, so what are you waiting for? Lake Kabetogama is waiting!

Skipping Spring

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