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Every single one of our Kabetogama Lakeside Resorts offers your family and friends private lakeside lodging with access to the natural waterways of the Voyageurs National Park. In fact, most of the National Park is undeveloped, completely natural shoreline. You truly cannot get closer to Mother Nature than staying on Lake Kabetogama.

The name Kabetogama has many translations. One of our favorites is “the lake that lies alongside another” (Rainy Lake). In the Ojibwe language, Kabe means “all” and Ogema means “chief.” At the Kabetogama Lake Resorts, we think perhaps it simply means God’s Country.

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it (cab-uh-toe-ga-muh) or spell it. Just call it “Kab,” and you’ll sound like a local. 

The Gateway to

Voyageurs National Park

In Minnesota – the Land of 10,000 Lakes – Kabetogama is an enchanted combination of sky blue waters and majestic forests. Situated along the U.S.-Canadian border, Lake Kabetogama offers visitors miles of pristine undeveloped shoreline and 25,000 acres of clean, cool water. It’s like being in a Minnesota Postcard.

…not a soul around…
It is one of four major lakes comprising Voyageurs National Park. Established in 1975, Minnesota’s only National Park commemorates a key stretch of waterway canoed by 18th century French-Canadian Voyageurs who transported goods and furs along the international border lakes. Lake Kabetogama is a forested lake country setting born of an ancient glacier flow, edged by the great Canadian Shield.
…walk a shoreline few others have traversed…
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Whether you’re an angler looking for Walleye, a family who needs to recharge and reconnect or a wildlife-loving outdoor enthusiast, our resorts along the Kabetogama shoreline can provide you with lodging and every type of boating adventure – including safe docking for your own boat. Larger boats and motors have easy access to the interconnecting Voyageur waterway of the Kabetogama, Namakan, Sand Point and Crane lakes (65 miles west to east).

…go all day without seeing another boat on the water…
Cruise among the labyrinth of pine and aspen-covered granite islands. View Eagles, Loons and Pelicans in their natural setting. Keep your eye on the shoreline for sightings of wildlife.
…the peacefulness, beauty and serenity of Mother Nature’s playground…
Canoes, kayaks and complete outfitting services are available for those adventurous souls who want to explore the area. Anglers who long for wide open spaces and good fishing will revel in the cool, clean waters and solitude of Kabetogama. Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch, Bass and Crappies – whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it in abundance.
…the raw emotion of catching that first giant Walleye…
Lake Kabetogama and the surrounding community are crisscrossed with trails for snowmobiling, hiking and cross-country skiing. Seasons change on Kabetogama, but the fun never ceases and the beauty never relents. With each new season, a whole new batch of activities and wonders unfold.
…see things you’ve never seen before…

We invite you to come to join our family and

Mother Nature’s many gifts.
Once you’re here, you’ll know why everyone calls this God’s Country