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Ice Fishing

Ice Shack Solitude or
Fish House Fellowship

You Decide

For some, ice fishing is a deeply personal, almost spiritual endeavor. Outside the shack, it’s a bitter cold, endless icy landscape  – but inside that same shack, as you quietly and even anonymously seek to land your first-ever trophy fish, you’re experiencing a profoundly cathartic experience. 

For others, ice fishing is a time for fellowship with family and/or friends. Lots of laughs, card games and good-natured ribbing is what the ice fishing season is all about. Talk about a way to recharge your batteries!

Either way, Lake Kabetogama in the winter is ghostly winter quiet, beautifully decorated with rugged piney shorelines, and outstanding for ice anglers of all kinds – beginners and experts, all age ranges, and absolutely no discrimination of gender identity. We hope you’ll join us!

Ensure you abide by the following guidelines for everyone’s fun and safety:

  • Always place ice houses at least 50 feet from the center of snowmobile trails and the ice road. 
  • Check ice conditions before heading out on the ice. 
  • Remember that a fishing license and icehouse registration are both required.

If you’re wondering about rentals on Lake Kabetogama, please note:

Please contact any of the resorts and ask what special amenities each can provide and help you plan a successful fun-filled vacation.