Kab update. May 21, 2019.

Kab update. May 21, 2019.

Not much has changed in recent days so will keep it simple. Even though the water temps did drop a few degrees over the weekend, we have rebounded nicely into the low 50’s.

For those willing to brave the cold and windy conditions Saturday and Sunday, fishing was extremely good. With sun and low winds, early and late in the day are your best bets shallow for bigger fish even though they have begun to move out with the spawn over. Look deeper when the sun is high and during low wind conditions as you will find more keeper walleyes. Keep moving out into deeper water until active fish are found. Don’t be surprised to find fish in that 20’-35’ range. We found them in 21’ yesterday. A jig and minnow combination is still king, but lindy rigs can be just as effective to cover more water looking for fish. Look to traditional like areas like Harris and Cuculus. The gauntlet between Nashata and Sugarbush has been extremely good.

Northern pike are extremely active and found mixed in with the walleyes. You may find some casting old weed beds as well. That will pick up as new weed growth becomes present.

Smallmouth bass have yet to move shallow to spawn but that should happen quickly as they begin that process when water temps reach the high 50’s. Small mouth bass are easy to target during the spawn as males will make their nests within a football field of the year before. If you know these areas, the fishing can be spectacular.

Crappies are still hanging deep waiting for water temps to rise. Within the next week they should begin moving into the traditional spawning areas. Keep checking these areas daily as it will happen fast.

There have been a couple moose sightings in the Kab area. Not sure if he/she will stick around but it’s been a long time since any consistent sightings have been reported. Keep your eyes open and you might get lucky enough to spot it!

Gearing up for the big Memorial weekend! Fishing should be great!

Safe travels and we’ll see you soon!

Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Small Mouth Bass fishing with Jason Mitchell   If you missed out on Jason Mitchell Outdoors last Sunday, our local fishing guide and resort owner