Fishing Report

6-18-17 Kabetogama-Namakan-Ash River Fishing Report


Crazy weather doesn’t keep anglers from catching fish and having a great time!

We have had our share of everything this past week but fishing remains stable and everyone is having a great time on the lake! The unpredictable north land weather has a few scratching their head wondering where to go next but the key to success is adapting to the weather conditions that present itself, especially the wind.

Water temps took a dive into the mid 60’s with the latest cold, rainy weather pattern. Mayfly larvae are just starting to show up so shallow soft bottom structure is still the go to for walleye and sauger with a better balance of both in the live well. A few reports of fish showing up on the reefs but not in great numbers yet. Won’t be long though.

Minnows are still turning fish but leeches seem to have taken over as the bait of choice and bottom bouncers with spinners have been doing great as of late triggering active fish. It’s a great time to try moving a little faster to cover ground and spinners are perfect for this approach.

As usual, northern and small mouth are an easy target casting shorelines and shallow bays with emerging weeds.

Activities are in full swing here in the park.   Bald eagle chicks are a frequent sight now being fed by their parents and our first ducklings have been seen in the harbor. Seems late this year.

We all hope everyone is having a great start to the summer and look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you, Jason Cooper for your report!

Crabby Phil & Ellen Hart