Quick update.

2 bug hatches and a change in fish behavior.

A week ago their was a significant midge hatch and now a a week later there has been a small mayfly hatch. Midges generally won’t affect the bite but mayflies can. Considering this isn’t a significant mayfly hatch (yet), fish patterns shouldn’t be affected too dramatically by this. Still, if you run into a tough bite look for soft bottom areas where mayflies will be emerging as bait fish will also be in this area looking for an easy meal. Predatory fish will close behind.

In just over a week the walleye bite has changed considerably. We are still in post spawn behavior. Besides a seemingly vacant gap between 10′-20′, fish are being found in almost all depths but most importantly an extremely slow presentation is necessary. Most anglers don’t realize there is even activity on the other end of the line until they go to move their bait. This is very typical when fronts move through combined with late spring post spawn activity. Use the lightest tackle possible tipped with a minnow or leech and drop to the bottom. Now is the time for patience with best catches coming from anglers that are literally letting their bait hover just above, or on the bottom and not moving. As the water continues to warm we should jump out of this quickly. One bright area is the evening bite which is has been very good that last hour or two of daylight. If you are locating fish during the day and not having any luck, that area should produce as evening approaches, just move a little shallower.

More to come in a couple days as the sun and warmer weather should change up the bite again. By this time next week we will probably be looking at a switch to a more summer like pattern but for now think late spring as it has yet to release its grip.