The Best Open Water Kabetogama Lake Fishing

Kabetogama Lake Fishing

Every spring, anglers from all over get excited to once again take to the lakes of Minnesota by boat. Lake Kabetogama leaves the ice in the rear view and returns to rippling waves dotted with boats captained by fishing fanatics looking for their next catch. There’s a few reasons why you won’t want to miss the best open water Kabetogama Lake fishing this year.

Why Fish Kabetogama?Kabetogama Lake Fishing

Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes, but Lake Kabetogama definitely stands out at the top when it comes to fishing. Known for its fishing resorts in Northern Minnesota, Lake Kabetogama has everything anglers could ask for in an unforgettable fishing getaway. Whether you are an avid angler that has been reeling fish in for years or just starting out, you won’t find a better experience than you will with a Lake Kabetogama fishing excursion. 

Having over 25,000 acres of surface area and being amongst the 10 largest inland lakes there’s plenty of elbow room to fish uninterrupted all day long. Scenic shores with rocky outcroppings lined with towering pines and lush foliage as a backdrop to sparkling waves, you will feel like you are casting your lines right into a postcard. Several Lake Kabetogama resorts offer fantastic fishing options with team members that know the waters and have been fishing Voyageurs National Park for years that can point you to all of the best Lake Kabetogama fishing hot spots. All resorts offer easy access to the lake and some even offer fish fileting, gear and guided services. 

Top 3 Fish Found in Lake Kabetogama

If the scenery and unbeatable resorts haven’t convinced you of why Lake Kabetogama fishing should be at the top of your destination list, let’s talk about the phenomenal fishing opportunities this lake has to offer! Although there are several species of fish that can be found here, there are a few that anglers come from all over to hook on their lines. 

Kabetogama Lake FishingWalleye

Walleye is an absolute fan favorite in both fishing and the kitchen and is the top sought-after fish in Lake Kabetogama. This incredible fish is an absolute thrill to reel in and are known for being one of the best tasting freshwater fish to boot! MN walleye fishing is something that anglers from across the country head to northern Minnesota to experience and Lake Kabetogama has plenty to go around. Everyone remembers the first time they reeled in a trophy walleye and the ear to ear smile they had as they pulled it into the boat.

Northern PikeKabetogama Lake Fishing

Northern Pike are an easily recognizable fish and known for their ambush hunting habits. These torpedo-shaped fish lay in wait for prey in weeds and in logs, and when something tasty happens to swim by, they launch into action. This alone is why so many anglers enjoy trolling around reedy areas and look forward to the initial tug that means it’s time to start working the spinner. Northern Pike are fantastic trophy fish as well as a pretty tasty meal when grilled or thrown on the smoker. Northern Pike come in second on our list of most popular fish, but are still one that we look forward to each season.

Kabetogama Lake FishingSmallMouth Bass

Another fish ranking in the top 3 fish found in Lake Kabetogama is the smallmouth bass. These fish can be a little difficult for new anglers to reel in if they don’t do their research first. Just based on the name alone, you may think a small lure is needed, but smallmouth bass like to hang out in depths of almost 30 feet and actually bite more with more mid-sized lures. Lake Kabetogama smallie’s also hang out near rock piles too for an interesting mixed-pattern of fishing. There are lots of smallmouth in the lake and are a popular catch for those looking to reel in an absolute classic, all-American fish. 

With over 200 hundred islands on Kabetogama Lake there is a nice variety of structures for all species of fish. No matter what species of fish you are looking for, you will find it here. Along with these 3 popular catches, you can find jumbo perch, crappies, and more! 

Tune in to See the Best Open Water Kabetogama Lake Fishing in Action

Kabetogama Lake fishing is widely known and with that comes a bit of time in the spotlight. Several YouTubers and angling influencers have chosen to feature Kabetogama and fishing Voyageurs National Park on their channels, and it’s easy to see why. FishingtheMidwestTV featured a full video on the incredible fishing experiences found on our beautiful lake. Other popular angling channels and personalities that have done features of Kabetogama are Nicole Stone Outdoors, Minnesota Bound, Jason Mitchell Outdoors, and more! So whether you are planning a trip to Lake Kabetogama or just want to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to fish our waters, you can find all sorts of fantastic videos capturing some of the best moments on our gorgeous lake.

Kabetogama Lake FishingFinding the Best Fishing Resorts in Northern Minnesota

When it comes to finding the best fishing resorts in Northern Minnesota, there’s no shortage of great options on Lake Kabetogama. Whether you are looking for a low key day on the water or are looking for an action-packed fishing adventure, there are plenty of fantastic resorts to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices, these are the resorts that offer everything you will need for fishing:

Kabetogama Fishing Contest

Here are a few of the nice fish caught opening weekend on beautiful Lake Kabetogama. Mike Haggerty from Inver Grove MN with his 37″ Northern

Fishing Opener

Kabetogama opener 2019 Recap Great start to the 2019 fishing opener! Walleye fishing was excellent over the weekend and continues to be strong. With water