Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019

Kab area fishing report 6/10/2019 Fishing continues to be good despite the up and down weather patterns. The walleye bite remains virtually unchanged. Water temps are holding in the low to mid 60’s throughout Kab but that could change as we have some cooler weather in store this upcoming week. Jig and minnow are still the presentation of choice. Leeches are catching fish but mostly in the evenings under a slip bobber. The same story…..windy or overcast days, go shallow. Sunny or calm days, slide out to that adjacent deeper water. Smaller walleyes have schooled up and are easier to find while the larger fish are scattered. Sauger have become more common in the live well. Continue using a jig and minnow until we see a more definite summer pattern emerge.
Crappies are still in a transition period but some are finding a few shallow as they begin to move into their spawning beds. Generally Lost Bay is good right now but not much happening as of yet. The Northwest and East end of Kab have produced a few fish but nothing significant. It’s going to happen fast this year with the late spring so keep checking your favorite areas daily. Smaller jigs tipped with plastics is a good way to cover some water. Once you find a good school, stay on them. Small mouth bass are also slow to move into the shallows but there has been a definite increase in catch rates. Casting shallow rocky shorelines has been good. Look for those areas that have a gradual drop off and cast lures to inside turns and points. Crawdad colored lures are going to be your best bet when choosing what to use as crawdads make up most of a small mouths diet. Northern Pike are literally on a tear right now with all sizes being caught and with just about anything. At times, they can be a nuisance but a good go to if you are having a tough time locating other species. Goose goslings are a common sight around the lake and fawn deer are being seen along roadsides and on island edges. One bear with cubs were seen up around the Gold Portage area. It’s a fun time of year to take a day and cruise around the lake and hopefully catch a glimpse of natures wonders seeing the world for the first time. The National Park Service will begin activities this weekend so check with any of the visitor centers and plan ahead for any one of the numerous adventures they can plan for you. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon! ​Gateway

Ice Out Update

Ice Out Update Finally things are looking good! So first all the good news. We have bright sun and temps in the 50’s and even

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