Pre Memorial Fishing Report…more to come before the weekend

Quick update on the fishing report with more to come just before the weekend so you can be prepared with the right gear and bait and presentation that’s working best.

The bite has noticeably slowed since the passing of the recent weather front 3-4 days ago. Anglers are finding fish deeper right now in 25-35 ft of water. A slow presentation is working best with anglers reporting that holding their bait a few inches off the bottom with a less aggressive approach is working best. Try to stay as vertical as possible and use the smallest jig you can to accomplish this. With the strong winds the last few days, wind blown shorelines have been producing fish pitching jigs and using a slip bobber. Overall, evenings have been best. Water temps are hovering around 50 and with the warmer nights ahead that should improve the bite considerably. The dock bite varies around the lake but most have reported that has slowed as well.

Here at Gateway we are stocked up with all varieties of minnows and with shiners running good we will have plenty to go around! We have crawlers and leeches too.

Will have another update Friday!

Looking forward to a great Memorial weekend! Safe Travels!

Fishing Report 6/24/2018

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