Fishing Report 6/10/18

Fishing Report 6/10/18

Fishing continues to be good as water levels rise and temps remain consistent

Normally this time of year most anglers are putting away their jigs and replacing them with lindys using mostly leeches and not too far behind, crawlers.  This year is different.  A jig and minnow combination is still a deadly combination in traditional spring areas.  Recently water temps have leveled off in the 60’s and not risen much mostly due to the cool nighttime temps and rain we have received recently.  Water levels have just about peaked making docks a lot easier to tie off to unlike a couple weeks ago.

John Wester from Hastings MN with his 25” walleye

When the wind blows, walleye anglers are finding success along shallow windward shorelines and weed lines especially entrances to bays.  Nebraska Bay in particular had been hot as of late.  On calm, sunny days your best bet is to move deeper (20’-35’) off shoreline and island points and reefs.  The Martins, Cuculus and Nashata are good places to start.   If we get 2 or 3 days of consistent sun and calm water, focus early and late in the day right up until dark.  Sand or clay bottoms are producing best.  Try to find that transition where sand/clay and rock/gravel bottom meet and you will probably find fish.  Reefs have not been consistently producing yet but that will change as we get further into June.  If you can find shiners, that seems to be the go to bait.  There has been some success with leeches, but minnows are still putting more fish in the live well.

Northern and smallmouth are an easy catch casting Rapalasor Mepps spinners along most shorelines and some nice pike have been caught while fishing for walleye.

Camping is in full swing as you can see campfires dancing around the lake after dark.  Keep an eye out for kayaks and canoes as well as geese swimming along with their goslings.  If you have noticed large flocks of geese flying around that is common this time of year.  These geese are failed or non-breeding geese usually 1 year old but occasionally up to 3 years of age.  I promise we aren’t witnessing an early fall migration!

So far, this summer is shaping up to be a great one whether you are fishing or just enjoying what mother nature has to offer!  Stop into Gateway General on your way through as we have anything you may need for an unforgettable vacation!

Eagle fishing


Fishing is very transitional bait wise, fish wise and depth wise.  Shallow water less than 15’ is giving up fish of all species including all sizes of walleye and sauger.  Small jig tipped with a minnow or leech, slip sinker rigs or slip bobbers are all working so pick you preference.  Keep it slow, move quietly and have fun!

As always, we’ll see you soon!

Jason and Robyn

Gateway General

Jason with his 26” walleye

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